Page 6 - Centerdrill Produktkatalog 2020 English
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Centerdrill - flow drilling tool - made in germany

     Centerdrill - Process

     Centerdrill - Application examples
     All weldable materials, whether round tubes, square profiles or sheets, can be processed.

             Steel exhaust systems                                    Stainless steel glas holders

             Steel holding clamps                                     Aluminum window profils

             Steel radiators                                          Brass distributor pipes

                                                                And many more applications
                                                                Such as, furniture industry, loading equipment,
                                                                trade fair  constructions,  hospital equipment,
                                                                wheel chairs, shopping carts, cleaning systems,
                                                                lighting systems, agriculture, seatbelt construc-
             Copper plug-in connections                         tions and many more.

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