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Centerdrill RESULT

      With Centerdrill‘s flow-forming process, you can obtain a strong thread out of the processed material,
      with a sufficient number of threads, in just two steps.
      No wobbling, loosening or turning!

                       Centerdrill   +   Centertap     =     DIN-Thread in only 2 working steps

      Centerdrill - processable materials

      Flow drilling can be used in all thin-walled metals with a thickness of  0,8 - 11,0 mm, depending on
      the thread size. For example:

                    Welding steels
                    Stainless steel

                    Magnetic materials

                    Special alloys

      Varnished and organically coated materials such as tin and zinc are suited for flow punch forming /flow
      drilling to a limited extent. In this case, it is particularly important how thick the coating is. Please notice
      that thicker coats must be always removed before applying flow drilling.

            Stainless steel                          Steel                                Copper                              Brass                          Aluminum

      Check out our videos demonstrating the „Flow Drilling Process“!

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