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Centerdrill - flow drilling tool - made in germany

     Centerdrill REPLACES

     The flow drilling process can replace riveting, welding, insert nuts and thread cutting in thin materials.

                                 Welding nut              -        Thread cutting            -            Rivet nut
                                  Loosening                     Not enough threads                     Turning

     Centerdrill types and sizes

     The Centerdrill flow punch formers  are available in diameters from 2.7 to 25.4  mm. Under optimal
     conditions and depending on a material, a lifetime of up to 10.000  holes can be achieved. The
     standard flow punch formers are suitable for material thicknesses from 0.8 to 11.0 mm, depending
     on the thread size. The following materials can be processed: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass,
     and copper. After applying flow drilling, DIN threads such as e.g. metric or inch threads can be formed
     in the second operation. Of course, other thread types such as MF, UNC, UNF, etc. are also possible.

     The Centerdrill standard versions come in four types - SHORT, LONG, SHORT-FLAT AND LONG-FLAT. They
     are used depending on the material thickness and desired surface. The Centerdrill short and long flow
     punch formers differ only in the length of the cylindrical part. When using these types, the material is
     displaced against the direction of feed, remaining on the surface of the workpiece and forming a collar.
     Both types are also available in the flat version. Thanks to these „flat“ types, Centerdrill may offer you
     the cutters that remove the collar appearing on the surface in a just single processing step, producing a
     flat surface.

     Centerdrill type „with collar“                                   Centerdrill type „flat-finishing“

                                            with collar                                                without collar

      Short          Long                  Surface with collar                     Short-flat      Long-flat              Plan surface

     Find the right Centerdrill „Flow Drilling Tool“ for your application online in our Explorer!

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