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Centerdrill - Your advantages

     Producing a bush with a thread in just two operations

               1. Flow drilling + 2. Thread forming

     Cost-effective and time-saving comparing to other technologies

               Possibility of replacing riveting, welding, insert nuts and thread cutting in thin materials

               Higher drawing forces through more threads of the same material

               Stable and wobble-free threads, no more turning or loosening

               Absolutely centric positioning possible

               High precision and reproducibility

               Automation capability

               Minimal set-up times

               Can be used on CNC machines, NC machines and column drilling machines

               Considerable time and cost reduction per hole and thread

               Low entry costs connected with introducing a new technology

               Can be used in Stainless steel, Steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminum

               Flate surface or surface with collar

               In sheet metal, square profiles, round tube profiles and many more

               Possible from 0,8 mm to 11,0 mm material thickness, depending on the thread size

               Possible from M3 to G3/4“

               Also available for UNF, UNC and fine threads

               Material and weight saving for thin profiles

               Applying the flow drilling process diagonally is possible

               The tightness of the bushes

               Increasing the hardness of the thread –

               it means less wear and tear in multiple screwed connections

               Only one base material is needed, thereby avoiding electrochemical corrosion

               High load capacity of bearing bushes

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